Q’s OUTstanding Alumni


Albuquerque Pride engages the Albuquerque LGBTIQ Community come together to honor Albuquerque’s OUTstanding individuals, groups, organizations, businesses and corporations who serve and better the LGBTIQ people in our community. The Albuquerque LGBTIQ community participates in a multi-week nomination and voting processes. All nominations and honorees are selected through this process. Below you will find the OUTstanding in our community.

Your 2017 OUTstanding Winners…

OUTstanding Ally Leanne Maldonado
OUTstanding Artist David Zaintz
OUTstanding Bar or Nightclub Sidewinder’s Bar
OUTstanding Barber Barber JoJo Gonzales
OUTstanding Bartender Toby Crespin
OUTstanding DJ DJ BioHazard
OUTstanding Drag King Elijah Daniels
OUTstanding Drag Queen Khloe Layla Malone
OUTstanding Educator Chris Topher Salas
OUTstanding Graphic Designer Rudy Montoya
OUTstanding Individual Performer Trey Michaels
OUTstanding Local Business Rebel Donut
OUTstanding Major Corporation Smith’s Food & Drug
OUTstanding Make Up Artist Brandon Montoya
OUTstanding Massage Therapist Cory Gaeth
OUTstanding Media Personality Caleb James
OUTstanding Medical Partner Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
OUTstanding Non-Profit Organization United Court of the Sandias
OUTstanding Pageant Mr. and Miss Sidewinder’s
OUTstanding Performance Group New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus
OUTstanding Photographer Max Woltman
OUTstanding Place to Worship First Congregational United Church of Christ
OUTstanding Public Official Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver
OUTstanding Pub/Brewery Tractor Brewing
OUTstanding Public or Social Worker Nic L. Sedillo
OUTstanding Real Estate Agent or Company Tracy Highspencer
OUTstanding Restaurant Scalo Northern Italian Grill
OUTstanding Salon Shears to You Salon & Boutique
OUTstanding Social Influencer Chris Topher Salas
OUTstanding Spa Betty’s Bath and Day Spa
OUTstanding Store to Shop Self Serve
OUTstanding Stylist Antonio Carrillo
OUTstanding Vocalist Marcus Montoya
OUTstanding Youth Entertainer Nadia Valentina
OUTstanding Youth Group Casa Q

Prestigious Awards
Stonewall Achievement Award Marshall Martinez
Lifetime Achievement Award Graham Thomas


Tyler Elwell, 2016
Cristy Carbon-Gaul, 2015 Bonnie Clark , 2014 Brittany Arnerson, 2013

Carri Phillis, 2012

Carri Phillis, 2011 Jim and Jean Genasci, 2010


David Zaintz, 2016

David Zaintz, 2015

No Awardee, 2014
No Awardee, 2013 No Awardee, 2012 No Awardee, 2011

Ruben Gallegos, 2010


Desarae Castillo-Jaramillo, 2016

 Bar or Nightclub

Sidewinders, 2016

 Albuquerque Social Club, 2015 Effex Nightclub, 2014
Effex Nightclub, 2013 Effex Nightclub, 2012 Effex Nightclub, 2011
Albuquerque Soch, 2010


Toby Crespin, 2016

 Jo Richardson, 2015

 Jo Richardson, 2014

Ryan Wilkinson, 2013

Kia Williams, 2012

 Kia Williams, 2011
Ryan Wilkinson, 2010

Body Modification Artist

Category Closed, 2015  Erin Burns, 2014

Erin Burns, 2013


Chris Wright-Garcia, 2016

Chris Wright-Garcia, 2015

Karyn West – A Cake Odyssey, 2014
 Natalie Correa, 2013  2012- N/A Cake Fetish, 2011


Flying Star, 2010



DJ Scoobie, 2016 DJ FlightPhonic, 2015

DJ Chris De Jesus, 2014

DJ Stitch, 2013 DJ Stitch, 2012

DJ Stitch, 2011

DJ Stitch, 2010

Drag King

Trey Charming Michaels, 2016

Rocco Steele, 2015 Papi Chulo, 2014
 Papi Chulo, 2013  Maxwell Endowed, 2012 Bo Tipton, 2011
Rocco Steele, 2010

Drag Queen

Scarlett, 2016 Sabryna Williams, 2015
 Savannah Knight, 2014
Bunnie Boom Boom Cruse, 2013  Lady Hawk, 2012  Mikayla Rose, 2011
Aleah Rico, 2010


Bo Gabriel Rogers, 2016

Miranda Sedillo, 2015 Melanie Lucero, 2014
Melanie Lucero, 2013 Owen Brown, 2012

Graphic Designer

Joseph Martinez, 2016

Individual Entertainer

William S. Eriks, 2016

Kaleb T. Stratton, 2015 Brian Seals, 2014
 Leon Burque’s Finest, 2013  Kimo Liscious, 2012 Madison Eriks, 2011

Local Business

Enchantment Dancing Inc., 2016

Enchantment Dancing Inc., 2015

All That Glitterz Design, 2014

Outlaw Graphix, 2013

Graphicbliss, 2012

Major Corporation

Fidelity Investments, 2016

 T-Mobile, 2015

Smith’s Food and Drug, 2014

Outlaw Graphix, 2013

Graphicbliss, 2012

Make-up Artist

Brandon Montoya, 2016

Brandon Montoya, 2015

Joey Gutierrez, 2014

Joey Gutierrez, 2013

Massage Therapist

Eric Revels, 2016

Kamden Cornell, 2015 Celia Larcom, 2014

Eric Revels, 2013

Rochelle Garcia, 2012  Gabe Torres, 2011

Gabe Torres, 2010

Media Personality

Caleb James, 2016
Donnie Chase, 2015

Medical Partner

UNM Truman Health Services, 2016

UNM Truman Health Services, 2015

UNM Truman Health Services, 2014
UNM Truman Health Services, 2013


Non-profit Organization

UCS, 2016

 Casa Q, 2015 Equality New Mexico, 2014

N’MPower, 2013

 2012  2011

UNM Queer Straight Alliance, 2010

Performance Group

New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, 2016

New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, 2015 New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, 2014
New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, 2013 The Dolls, 2012 The Dolls, 2011
Throb, 2010


Max Woltman, 2016 Max Woltman, 2015 Max Woltman, 2014
Max Woltman, 2013

Place to Worship

Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, 2016

 Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2015 Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2014
 Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2013 Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2012 Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2011
Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque, 2010

Public Official

Jacob Candelaria, 2016

 Maggie Toulhouse Oliver, 2015 Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham, 2014

Jacob Candelaria, 2013

Public/Social Worker

Brooke Tafoya, 2016

JimmyLee Gutierrez, 2015 Nic Sedillo, 2014
KC Quirk, 2013


Kyle Zimmerman, 2016

Kyle Zimmerman, 2015 John Griego, 2014


Holy Cow, 2016
Holy Cow, 2015 Holy Cow, 2014
Holy Cow, 2013


D’Ambrosio Designs Hair Studio, 2016

Shears to You Salon, 2015  Swank, 2014

Social Influencer

Bunnie Benton Cruse, 2016

 Marshall Martinez, 2015


No Awardee, 2016

 No Awardee, 2015  Betty’s Day Spa, 2014

Albuquerque Baths, 2013

Store to Shop

Smith’s Food and Drug Stores, 2016  Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, 2015

Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, 2014

Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, 2013


Daniel Hernandez, 2016

Gwen CK, 2015

Ryan Perrigo, 2014


Ben Moser, 2016

Youth Entertainer

Narcisca Vanity, 2016

Youth Group

Teen NMPower, 2016

N’MPower, 2015  N’MPower, 2014

NMPower, 2013