The Q’s OUTstanding Awards

Saturday | March 3 | Isleta Resort & Casino | 7p

Albuquerque Pride presents the 9th annual Q’s OUTstanding Awards!

Your 2018 OUTstanding Award Winners…

Prestigious Awards

Youth Achievement Award

Katherine Palmer Lifetime Achievement Award

Steve Loomis
As a gay man, Steve proudly served his country and is a decorated veteran. He conducted a ground breaking sexual harassment survey with emphasis on gays in command. He is a founding member of AVER—Bataan Chapter.
Stonewall Award

Bunnie Benton Cruse
Bunnie is 45 years old and is proud to be trans & Latina. Bunnie’s life has gone from homelessness, survival sex work & drug addiction to being an outspoken champion of the LGBTQ+ community.


  • OUTstanding Educator
  • OUTstanding First Responder
  • OUTstanding Medical Partner
  • OUTstanding LGBTIQ Leader
  • OUTstanding Healthcare Professional
  • OUTstanding Place for Pets
  • OUTstanding Public Official
  • OUTstanding Public or Social Worker
  • OUTstanding School
  • OUTstanding Social Influencer


  • OUTstanding Non-profit Organization
  • OUTstanding Place to Worship
  • OUTstanding Straight Ally
  • OUTstanding Youth Group

Personal Well Being

  • OUTstanding Barber
  • OUTstanding Day Spa
  • OUTstanding Make-Up Artist
  • OUTstanding Massage Therapist
  • OUTstanding Salon
  • OUTstanding Stylist


  • OUTstanding Local Business
  • OUTstanding Major Corporation
  • OUTstanding Real Estate Agent or Company
  • OUTstanding Restaurant
  • OUTstanding Store to Shop


  • OUTstanding Artist
  • OUTstanding Graphic Designer
  • OUTstanding Photographer


  • OUTstanding Bar or Nightclub
  • OUTstanding Bartender
  • OUTstanding DJ
  • OUTstanding Drag King
  • OUTstanding Drag Queen
  • OUTstanding Individual Entertainer
  • OUTstanding Performance Group
  • OUTstanding Vocalist
  • OUTstanding Youth Entertainer