Volunteer for Albuquerque Pride

Alicia Billy

Hello! Thank you for your interest in 2011 Albuquerque Pride. My name is Alicia Billy and I am the Director of Volunteers for Albuquerque Pride. I have been with the Albuquerque Pride Board since February 2011, working hard at getting the word of Pride out into the community. It’s important to me to put a face to Pride and I will be out at a few locations looking for volunteers. Hope to see you out there! Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have about volunteering.

To get started volunteering, please take a moment to complete our short online volunteer application (click here).

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all. Together we will work toward a successful 2011 Albuquerque Pride.

Thank you,

Alicia Billy
Director of Volunteers

About Neil Macernie

Since the early 90's, Neil has been active in the GLBT community, including marching in Pride Parades, making parade floats, and producing drag entertainment shows. Today, Neil continues his service to the community as a Deacon at Metropolitan Community Church (the only Christian church founded by a gay man for the GLBT community) and as Webmaster and Vice-President of Albuquerque Pride.

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