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2017 New Mexico Pride Titleholders

The New Mexico Titleholders are the faces of Pride. These titleholders find opportunities all year long to engage the community, educate, and bring awareness of our LGBT culture through entertainment and appearances.

Miss New Mexico Pride 2017 – Seliah DeLeon

Mr. New Mexico Pride 2017 – Armani Daniels

Miss New Mexico Pride Youth 2017 – Narcisca Vanity

Mr. New Mexico Pride Youth 2017 – TJ Martinez

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Past Titleholders

Lady Shug
Miss New Mexico Pride


Tre Brewbaker
Mr. New Mexico Pride


Cherri Heartattack
Miss New Mexico Pride Youth


Lady Hawk

Lady Hawk
Miss New Mexico Pride


Tyrese Taylor Stratton
Mr. New Mexico Pride

YOUTH Serket Vane

Serket Vane
Mr. New Mexico Pride


Jacquesan Taylor Stratton
Miss New Mexico Pride


Damian- Head Shot

Damian De La Amor
Mr New Mexico Pride


Ms. New Mexico Pride 2013 – Stella Martin

Yaa’at’eeh.  Shi ei Stella Martin yinishye.  Kinyaa’aanii nishlii doo Dzil Tl’ahnii’ bashishchiin.  Tachii’nii ei dashicheii naana Tloogi Dine’e ei dashinali.  Akot’eego bila’ashldal’ii nishli. stella

Hello.  I am Stella Martin.  I am of the Towering House People and born for the Move Cove People.  My maternal clan is the Red Running into the Water Clan, and my paternal clan is the Zia Weaver People Clan.  This is how I represent myself as a human being.

I am your Ms. New Mexico Pride 2013.  I am from the Navajo (Dine) Tribe and am originally from Tohatchi, NM.  I currently live in Gallup, NM where I am a full-time student of the UNM-Gallup Campus.  I am working towards a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Administration.  My personal goals are to make myself a better person through education and advocacy and to one day create an inclusive health care system that meets the special needs of our LGBTQIA community.

The reason I ran for Ms. New Mexico Pride 2013 was to bring visibility to rural communities and their educational efforts towards social change.  Through my title I am able to start a network and conversation inclusive of all New Mexican LGBTQIA individuals across the state.

I have a great respect and appreciation for our LGBTQIA community.  It is because of the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers of our community I am still standing each day with brilliant pride.  Being a transgender woman who has personally struggled with adversity I can now proudly wear my battle scars. We each have a unique story to tell and celebrate in part of our historic leaders.  We each have pioneering pillars of strength that surround us today.  I love my community because it truly a family full of compassion and resilience.

I look forward to a full and exciting year with all of you.  I honestly will challenge myself to create and assist public events for all of us-young and adult- to benefit from.  I hope to inspire you to step beyond limitations and realize with hard work, determination and self-love anything is possible. Ahehee’ (Thank you).

Mr. New Mexico Pride 2013 — Ricardo Cruz

RicardoRicardo is your current Mr. New Mexico Pride 2013.  Ricardo has been fiercely dedicated to the LGBTIQ community through the last several years.  Being involved with Albuquerque Pride as well as the United Court of the Sandias has taught him that Pride in your community can truly link us together.

Ricardo has been a professional dancer for over 20 years with Baila! Baila! Dance company.  As a dancer, he has danced across the nation including at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Disneyworld in Orlando Florida, national dance competitions and several opportunities throughout the southwest.  He also has a ferocious passion to teach others from the few years old to the many years young.

Ricardo’s Non-Profit is the United Court of the Sandias (UCS).  UCS is part of the International Court System which has chapters throughoutCanada, Mexico and the United States making it one of the largest worldwide LGBTIQ Non-Profits.  UCS is dedicated to New Mexico’s community through fund raising for various groups throughout the state including those who serve the youth, the elderly and those who are living with HIV and AIDS.

Ricardo’s mission as Mr. New Mexico Pride is to continue to focus on those opportunities to expand our presence throughout New Mexico as well as offer new opportunities to those who wish to be involved outside of the nightlife.  Ricardo hopes to offer opportunities to the youth and the straight allies to be inclusive of everyone.

Photo of Ricardo Cruz, Courtesy of Erin Killion Photography.

Miss New Mexico Pride 2013 – Aleah Ricomiss nm pride 



Aleah Rico is known as the Susan Lucci of Albuquerque, a legend in the Drag community.  Aleah has been first runner to many pageant titles in her career, and deserves all the respect she commands on stage.  A former Land of Enchantment All American Goddess At-Large,  A former Empress of the United Court of the Sandias, ad current Miss New Mexico Pride; Aleah Rico brings to the stage talent, creativity and beauty that is unequaled by anything except her love for her fans and community!

 Miss Youth New Mexico Pride 2013 – Hozhoni Skyy

IMG_0767Ya’áát’ééh shí eí Hozhoni Skyy yinishye. Shí eí dibé lizhiní níshlii dóó ba’taaníí bashischiin. Hello my name is Hozhoni Skyy (Hoe-Zhow-Knee Sky). I am Black Sheep born for the Folded Arms People. I am your Miss New Mexico Pride Youth 2013. I’m currently seventeen years old, residing in Gallup, NM, where I go to Middle College High School. As with Stella I am also of the Navajo (Diné) Tribe. My mission as a titleholder is to empower and inspire confidence to the LGBTIQ youth within New Mexico, leading by example. I’m also a 2013 Models of Hope Award Youth Recipient honoring my intentions as a titleholder. Career wise I aspire to become a cardiothoratic surgeon while still contributing to the LGBTIQ community. xoxo, Hozhoni Skyy